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Thank you very much for your details. How it works:
Our specialists analyse the situation on the basis of your details. Statistically, in 90% of cases, the fault is to be found in another part of the charging process. To save you time and money, our specialists will also check your charging set-up before you send in the product.
You will be contacted by phone or email and given a ticket number for sending in your product. Please write this number down on a piece of paper and enclose it with the package.
Our specialists will analyse the device in our service centre. Your device will either be repaired immediately as part of the warranty, or you will receive an estimate from us for repairs which are not covered by the warranty. You must approve this before the repair work. One way or another, we will repair your product as quickly as possible.

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If your device is being repaired under warranty and you need a loaned device in the meantime, we will be happy to provide you with one free of charge. Our specialists will ask you about this. Out of love for our customers!