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  • j+ pilot App auf Smartphone mit Blick auf das Fahrerprofil mit den wichtigsten Kennzahlen als Übersicht
    The driver profile at a glance: The most important indicators are summarised in the overview. The favourite values can be individually adjusted using the drop-down menu.
  • j+ pilot facilitates precise analysis of the energy supply and effective consumption (incl. vampire drain). How much energy was generated or used at what point is immediately clear thanks to the differing line thicknesses.
  • The key elements are collected and clearly displayed in the analyses. Here, the app helps to you to keep an eye on the battery, for example, in order to adjust your driving and charging behaviour accordingly.
  • j+ pilot breaks down the current battery charge in detail according to power source and costs. While the battery charge percentage is shown vertically, the price per kWh can be read horizontally.
  • The relationship between distance driven and energy consumption is clear in the calendar. The price figures are shown by clicking on the specific day.

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j+ pilot App Darstellung auf Smartphone und Laptop

Driving behaviour, charging processes and energy consumption – 
the driving profile at a glance.

The most important indicators are summarised on the dashboard. In addition, there are also comprehensive vehicle, trip and charging analyses and a logbook which can be attached to your tax return.
Owners of Juice charging stations benefit from a lifetime free “business” licence.

The security of your data 
is top priority for us!

Juice expressly respects your privacy and your right to appropriate control over your personal data. That’s why we are certified in accordance with ISO/IEC 27001 (international standard for information security and data protection).

Sustainable driving pleasure with your electric vehicle

We aim to make electromobility as easy and climate-friendly as possible. Join us, and optimise your own ecological footprint and lend your support to sustainably-produced electricity from hydroelectric power on a straightforward basis with our j+ pilot app – created on a verifiable basis and in real time during your charging process.
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Compatible vehicles

Auto Skizze BMW i3


Auto Skizze Tesla, S, 3, X, Y

S, 3, X, Y

Auto Skizze Opel, Vauxhall, Corsa-e

Opel / Vauxhall,

Auto Skizze Audi e-tron


Auto Skizze Peugeot e-208


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Fahrten, Ladekosten, inkl. Auswertungen1 Automehrere Autosmehrere Autosmehrere Autos
Verbrauchskontrolle inkl. Standverbrauch
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BMF-konformes Fahrtenbuch
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CHF 30.–/Jahr
CHF 3.–/Mo
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CHF 5.–/Mo

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Get a non-binding 4 month free trial and discover all the benefits.

Download now and
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Get a non-binding 4 month free trial and discover all the benefits.