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Charging simply has to be simple.

The simplest operation with maximum functionality and timeless design. All combined in one wall box in order to simplify your life and your charging process.
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Activate – plug in – charge: LEDs with self-explanatory symbols to indicate the status: green – ready, orange – prompt for RFID card activation (alternatively using “Plug and Charge” in accordance with ISO 15118), blue – active charging process.
Prepared for everything: not just splash-proof, but also fully submersible and dust-proof in accordance with IP67. The JUICE CHARGER me 3 charges your electric vehicle reliably, even at -30 or +50 degrees Celsius.

Take a look at the

JUICE CHARGER me 3 next to your parking space in 3D.

Want to know what the JUICE CHARGER me 3 looks like in your parking space at home? Use your smartphone to project Juice products onto the wall of your house or garage.
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The product is integrated into your surroundings in real time as a 3D object through your smartphone camera with the help of AR technology.

What do other people say about it?

It’s not just us who think that the JUICE CHARGER me 3 is great. Other users who use it every day agree.
  • “I learned about the wall box from Juice, which is eligible for financial support, through the Juice Booster. My Kia e-Niro communicates with the “Charger me” without any problems and charges at max. 11 kW. The wall box offers all the functions I need as a private household. Access restriction through RFID card, type B residual current protection and a cable length of 5 m. The stylish design (it doesn’t have a cheap, plastic housing like most wall boxes have), was what ultimately tipped the scales and convinced me to buy this wall box. The metal housing in combination with the front glass looks great. So far, I have nothing bad to say about it. The cable length is sufficient and the type 2 plug is easy to hold. The electrician, who was not familiar with this wall box, had no problems connecting the box. All in all, including the financial support, a fantastic deal.”
  • “The installer had no difficulty connecting it because the charging device is already configured in the factory.”
  • “I found this while looking for a wall box. Since the JuiceBooster is a great device, the decision was quickly made. The box looks very robust as well as stylish. The charging speed is quicker than calculated by the vehicle. At 5 m, the cable is more than sufficient.”
  • “Très bien + système de carte pour la débloquer + petite + facile à installer”
  • “excellent rapport qualité/prix L'installateur n'a eu aucun peine à le brancher, le chargeur est déjà configuré d'usine. + Pré configuré d'usine + design et taille réduite + simple à monter + 2 cartes RFID déjà programmées - pas d'application de gestion”
  • “Me loves Charger Great product, provides my vehicle with the necessary JUICE. No problems with charging so far and the speed is great too! I can only recommend the Charger Me <3 + No disruptions + Fast charging speed + Price + Design + Finishing - No cons discovered so far”

What are you waiting for?

Future-proof, update-enabled, activation-capable, and with automatic vehicle detection. You can find your JUICE CHARGER me 3 with the right accessories in the configurator.
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Smart, compact and weatherproof JUICE CHARGER me 3.

Quick and easy installation.

Open the case, connect the power cable, put the cover on, and you’re done. Whether on the wall, flush-mounted or on a pillar – the device is always easy to install. The Ethernet cable and power supply remain connected without fear of tampering.

Plug and Play.

The charging station is delivered fully preconfigured from the factory, and can therefore be used immediately with no further settings. The device can easily be configured as an 11 kW or 22 kW variant using software.

Charging and load management.

Local dynamic charging management in master-slave mode is incorporated for up to 250 charging stations. The JUICE CHARGER me 3 is optionally available with an MID-certified meter.

Comprehensive connectivity.

The JUICE EXO back-end allows for device management, remote maintenance, user administration and invoicing online. The standardised open charge point protocol (OCPP 1.5/1.6) is the base for the connection to JUICE EXO or back-ends from other providers. Three standardised interfaces (Modbus/TCP, Modbus/RTU and EEBUS) ensure the communication with a home energy management system. This facilitates integration of the photovoltaic system into home energy management and external load management control.

Plug and Charge.

The JUICE CHARGER me 3 is designed for ISO 15118. When connected to the charging socket, the charging station detects any vehicle that already has the plug-and-charge standard, and starts charging immediately.
Universally usable as an 11 kW or 22 kW version (switchable, not dependent on the variant delivered)
Eligible for financial support from most public funding programmes
Completely waterproof and dust-proof (in accordance with IP67), impact-resistant (IK10), durable due to high-quality construction
Compatible with all existing and all new electric vehicles with a type 2 connector.
Internal temperature sensor for the reduction of the charging current regardless of the ambient temperature
Load shedding via floating contacts
Two pre-paired cards are provided for RFID activation
Easy-to-read status indicator
Plug housing included
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Experience the JUICE CHARGER me 3 in action.

Whether at home or at the supermarket, alone or in combination: with the JUICE CHARGER me 3, you always set out with full charge.

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