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The fully fledged 22 kW wall box with 3-in-1 functionality: as a mobile charging station for on the go, as a wall charging station at home or at work and as a mode 3 charging cable for charging at public charging stations. You therefore have every situation covered and have maximum flexibility with minimum space requirements in your electric vehicle.
Simply connect to the vehicle and plug in the right adapter on the mains side. The patented JUICE CONNECTOR plug system detects more than 30 different adapters and sets the charging power automatically. You can therefore charge from any conventional domestic or industrial socket around the world.
Ready for outdoor use, always at your side: The JUICE BOOSTER 2 is not just splash-proof, but also fully submersible and dust-proof in accordance with IP67. It charges your electric vehicle reliably, even at -30 or +50 degrees Celsius.

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Want to know what the JUICE BOOSTER 2 looks like in your home? Use your smartphone to place Juice products inside your own four walls.
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The product is integrated into your surroundings in real time as a 3D object through your smartphone camera with the help of AR technology.

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With the JUICE BOOSTER 2, you automatically always charge correctly, as quickly as possible and with maximum safety regardless of the power connection. Long-standing Juice Booster fans see it to.
Audi RS e-tron GT
My Honda e
  • “The device is a phenomenon: I plugged my Tesla Model X Performance (100 kW) in at a holiday home using the adapter cable provided by Tesla: charging time 12.5 hours!! Then I bought the Juice Booster and plugged it in: charging time for the same amount of electricity: 3.5 hours!! As an electrical engineer, please explain how?”
  • “Good price-performance ratio for a versatile solution”
  • “I predominantly use it with the wall bracket as a fixed charging station and with the adapters when travelling. Fantastic finishing, excellent functionality. I didn’t need a wall box for charging my electric vehicle as a result, and therefore indirectly mitigated the very high price somewhat. Since the on-site supply was too weak at 5 x 1.5², I made use of the current limiting option. Perfect for my situation.”
  • “Works perfectly and solidly made.”
  • “Great case for the boot which holds all adapters including optional extension cable. Functionally simple, very sophisticated adapter plug system allows for charging from any available socket.”

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You can find all of the devices and the corresponding accessories in the configurator. Put together your personal set, perfectly tailored to your needs.
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Sophisticated technology in the smallest of spaces.

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Simplest use.

Three colours on the display indicate all statuses: Green corresponds to the green number and therefore stands for current, yellow indicates the charging mode and red indicates any faults. One knob is all you need for operation: The adapter which is plugged in automatically specifies the maximum charging capacity, the current can be manually reduced by tapping (green LED jumps in steps). Countries with special electricity networks have their own charging modes (yellow LED), which you can switch between by pressing and holding (5 s) the “Select” button. You can therefore also charge with confidence in France, Great Britain or Norway.
Juice Connector


The patented plug connection from the world of aerospace technology automatically detects more than 30 different adapters and therefore allows for the fully automated selection of the charging capacity. When plugged in, it is waterproof and can be driven over, making it the perfect, robust solution for the JUICE BOOSTER system.
Juice celsius


No socket overheating thanks to active temperature monitoring at the plug pins. Original JUICE CONNECTOR extension cables should always be used for full functionality. At a temperature of around 85 °C at the plug pins, charging is brought to a controlled stop. The charging process automatically restarts up to three times after cooling. The JUICE BOOSTER provides the vehicle with up to 80% of the maximum available output so that the supply is not put under unnecessary strain as a result of continuous load over several hours.

Residual current monitoring RCD.

The integrated direct and alternating current fault detection offers protection against electric shocks. The electronic ground fault circuit breaker reliably trips at 30 mA AC and 6 mA DC. The saves the costly retrofitting of an expensive type B residual current protection, and allows for safe charging while out and about, also with unknown power supplies.
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Matching Accessories.

A case for space-saving storage is included in the scope of delivery. Additional adapters for worldwide charging, extension cables for up to 25 m in length, a wall bracket, a key to protect the adapter against theft and much more are available through the configurator. You therefore have everything on hand and are equipped for every eventuality.
3-in-1: mobile charging station, wall box and mode 3 charging cable in once device
One to three-phase charging at 1.4 to 22 kW and up to 32 amps
Weighs less than 1 kg
Completely waterproof and dust-proof (in accordance with IP67)
Impact-resistant (IK10) and can be driven over (up to 3 tonne wheel load)
Can be used in a temperature range of -30 °C to +50 °C
5 m cable length can be extended to 25 m with extensions
Optimum charging capacity thanks to automatic adapter detection
More than 30 different adapters for flexible charging around the world
Detailed fault detection
Compatible with all electric vehicles with a type 2 or type 1 charging socket
DimensionsDiameter: 70 mm, length: 225 mm
Weight1.0 kg without cable, 4,1 kg with cable and plug
Output1.4 kW – 22 kW AC
Rated current6 A to 32 A
Voltage230 V (1-phase) / 400 V (3-phase)
Material, colourAnodised aluminium, anthracite
Operating temperature-30 °C to +50 °C
CE-conformityIEC 62752, 62196, 61851-1, mode 2/3, EMV, RoHS
Protection class – residual current – safetyIP67 – RCD DC 6 mA, AC 30 mA – protective conductor and temperature monitoring
Mains plugMore than 30 self-detecting adapters available for domestic, industrial and EV sockets, 1.4 m lead + approx. 30 cm adapter
Vehicle side connectionType 2 (EN 62196) / type 1 (SAE J1772) cable length 3.1 m

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