Wear-free charging at public charging stations.

Quality without compromise.

Long service life and robustness while charging at public charging stations only show after several thousand plug cycles. And the JUICE FLOW gets going right here.
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6 m of length offers you a flexible range of action at any public and semi-public charging station. The quality shines through in the details. Extra-robust plugs with rubber grips ensure durability. A special terminal inside the plug provides relief of tension and protects the cable. Its two pressing jaws, with multiple grooves, press evenly on the cable without cutting into the cable sheath. In comparison with brass contacts, semi silver-plated contact sleeves last for umpteen thousand more plug cycles. In addition, the ribs inside the sleeve are milled in a spiral shape in order to optimally protect the individual contact springs against bending.

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JUICE FLOW to a public charging station virtually.

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Quality that’s welcomed by customers.

True quality is only clear with regular use. And that’s what our users can see. You can find their opinions about it here.
  • “TOP QUALITY PRODUCTION! I’m a specialist and I have to say that this cable has an exceptionally very high production quality, particularly at the plug connection.”
  • “Super product Price-performance ratio ***** Quality ***** Would you recommend the product? ***** Particularly helpful for blocked charging stations...”

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Compatible with all charging stations and electric vehicles with a type 2 connection. Get your JUICE FLOW with suitable accessories now.
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Rugged – flexible – cost-effective tried and tested quality.

Best quality at an attractive price.

With the same connections and plugs as the JUICE BOOSTER 2, JUICE FLOW offers the same high quality in a robust and affordable mode-3 charging cable for public charging stations.

Public charging throughout Europe

The charging cable is compatible with all charging stations and electric vehicles with a type 2 connection and allows for one to three-phase charging, from 4.6 to 22 kW at up to 32 amps.

No worries and secure charging at all times.

Thanks to the locking mechanism on the electric vehicle’s charging socket and in the charging station socket, the plug cannot be unintentionally pulled out.
Mode 3 charging cable for public charging stations
Hard silver plated contact sleeves with milled spiral ribs usable in a temperature range of -30 °C to +50 °C
Protective strain relief thanks to a grooved clamp and even pressure on the cable sheath
100% compatibility with all existing and new electric cars with a type 2 connector.
Extra-stable cable sheath
Cable length6 m
Weightapprox. 2.5 kg
Rated voltage, max.max. 480 V AC
Rated frequency50 Hz / 60 Hz
Rated current32 A
Charging capacityUp to 22 kW
Operating temperature-30 ºC to +50 ºC
CE-conformityIEC 62196, 61851-1 (mode 3), EMV, RoHS
TÜV test specificationEN 62196-1: 2012 + A11 + A12 EN 62196-2: 2012 + A11 + A12, EN 50620
Protection classIP20 (unplugged), IP44 (plugged in), IP44 (with protective cap)
PlugType 2 in accordance with IEC 62196

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With this high-quality charging cable, you don’t charge better but you do charge more often because it is wear-resistant.

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