ULTRA 2 battery

DC charging from battery to battery.

ULTRA 2 Battery

DC-Laden von Akku zu Akku.

The integrated battery

makes the difference.

The integrated energy storage system (ESS) of the high-power charger (HPC) ensures high charging capacity without having to increase the input power. The battery is charged either continuously or only at specific times, thus allowing it to deliver a high power output despite the limited input power. Vehicles can be charged entirely with electricity from the energy storage system, or this can be supplemented with additional power from the mains grid. This allows multiple vehicles to be charged in a very short time.
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Simply revolutionary:

DC charging with minimal installation.

The JUICE ULTRA 2 battery can be connected directly to a conventional industrial socket (e.g. CEE32, preferably CEE125 or CEE63). This eliminates the need for elaborate construction work, which in turn enables rapid installation. Companies with limited input power can now create highly efficient charging facilities for electric vehicles without having to make expensive modifications to their infrastructure.

No more load peaks,

thanks to nighttime charging.

The clever energy management system of the JUICE ULTRA 2 battery helps to reduce costs by avoiding expensive load peaks. This is because the charging station battery can be charged using off-peak electricity, e.g. overnight. The potential savings are significant since this process avoids the capacity-related additional costs and network charges of energy suppliers. At the same time, the network operators benefit from this “peak shaving” as it helps to stabilise the entire grid.

Save ongoing costs with

solar-powered charging.

The JUICE ULTRA 2 battery also enables storage and usage of electricity from PV systems without the need for additional installations. The generated solar power is first used for internal consumption within the building before being utilised to charge the JUICE ULTRA 2 battery. PV surplus charging has never been so simple. This feature also allows fleet managers to improve their carbon footprint.


The JUICE ULTRA 2 battery can be used in a wide range of areas – be it in car dealerships, by transport companies or to supply corporate fleets. Thanks to its rapid installation, compensation of low input power ratings, prevention of load peaks, support for solar-powered charging and diverse application options, the JUICE ULTRA 2 battery sets new benchmarks for electric vehicle charging systems. The JUICE ULTRA 2 battery delivers convincing performance in every single scenario. The investment pays for itself in just two years, after which the charging station will deliver continuous cost savings.
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Superfast charging with 210 kW (60 kW + 150 kW) at 2 charging points simultaneously
Flexible application options thanks intelligent load distribution and modular expansion of battery capacity
Battery capacity up to 466 kWh (or 2×233 kWh; of which 2×208 kWh usable)
Helps to save money by avoiding load peaks and supporting the use of solar energy
Dustproof and resistant to water jets (IP65)
A 19” touchscreen ensures maximum ease of use
Usable in temperatures ranging from -25°C to +55°C (power reduction over 45°C)
Undervoltage/overvoltage protection, overload protection, short-circuit protection, earthing protection, lightning protection, overheating protection, emergency shut-off, fire alarm system, emergency switch, flood protection
Compact, space-saving design
Features GSM, LTE, LAN, WiFi
Technische Parameter
DimensionB 2,3 m, T 0,8 m, H 2,25 m (bei 466 kWh: B 3,85 m)
MaterialHochfeste Stahllegierung
FarbeWeiss, witterungsbeständige Beschichtung
Gewicht3000 kg (bei 466 kWh: 5900 kg)
EnergiespeichersystemBatteriekapazität233 kWh / 2×233 kWh
Nutzbare Batteriekapazität208 kWh / 2×208 kWh
Max. Ladeleistung in die BatterieCEE32: 22 kW / CEE63: 44 kW / CEE125: 60 kW
Batterie Ladekoeffizient≤ 0,5 C
Batterie Entladekoeffizient≤ 1 C
Batteriewirkungsgrad≥ 94,5 % bei Nennleistung
LeistungsverteilungIntelligente Lastverteilung auf 2 Ladepunkte
LadeleistungDC max. 150 kW + 22 kW/44 kW/60 kW ≅ 170 kW/190 kW/210 kW
KabelCCS2, 5 m, 200 A (250 A optional)
Ausgangsspannung300 V ~1000 V
Wirkungsgrad≥ 96,5 %
LeistungszählerAC-Seite1 Stk. AC-Zähler
DC-Seite2 Stk. DC-Zähler (von aussen ablesbar mit Sichtfenster)
BildschirmDisplaygrösse19 Zoll
BezahlsystemRFID, Kreditkartenterminal
NetzwerkverbindungenGSM, LTE, LAN, WLAN
KommunikationOCPP 1.6 J
Temperaturbereich-25 °C - 55 °C (über 45 °C Leistungsreduzierung)
Luftfeuchtigkeit≤ 95 % ohne Kondensation
Seehöhe≤ 2000 m
Geräuschentwicklung≤ 75 dB bei Nennleistung
EMVKlasse B
MediumKeine explosive, gefährliche, giftige oder schädliche Gase
StörgeräuscheKeine starken Vibrationen oder elektromagnetische Störungen
Eingang und Ausgang
Eingangsspannungsbereich3-phasig 400 VAC ±15 %
Fehlerstromschutzschalter250 A, 4 P, Type A
Eingangsfrequenz50 Hz ±1 Hz
Ausgangsfrequenzbereich (reduziert)150 VDC - 300 VDC
Ausgangsfrequenzbereich (konstant)300 VDC - 1000 VDC
Ladeleistung150 kW/170 kW/190 kW/210 kW
Ladestrom200A/250A CCS2 kontinuierlich
Sicherheits-/SchutzfunktionenUnter-/Überspannungsschutz, Überlastschutz, Kurzschlussschutz, Erdungsschutz, Blitzschutz, Überhitzungsschutz,
Not-Aus, Brandmeldeanlage, Emergency Button, Hochwasserschutz
BatterielEC 62619, lEC62933
SystemIEC 62619, lEC61851, lEC62477, ISO15118

Experience the
JUICE ULTRA 2 battery.

Rapid installation, high charging capacity with existing supply, cost-efficient operation due to prevention of load peaks and use of solar power. Invest today and save in two years!
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