DC charging during a tyre change.

A battery charge during a tyre change is a welcome extra service and strengthens customer loyalty. The JUICE DIRECTOR ensures that the frequency doesn’t come to a halt and the vehicle can be handed back to the customer with a full charge, even after a short service.
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Charge multiple electric vehicles without having to move them: This mobile HPC charging station in the smallest of formats makes it possible. The JUICE DIRECTOR 2 can be rolled directly to the charge connector and charges the electric vehicle using direct current (DC).

Position the

JUICE DIRECTOR 2 in the workshop in 3D.

Want to know how the JUICE DIRECTOR fits into your garage? Use your smartphone to show Juice products in your surroundings.
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The product is integrated into your surroundings in real time as a 3D object through your smartphone camera with the help of AR technology.

What are you waiting for?

Offer your customers “snack charging” as an extra service. Configure your variant with the perfect connection options for you.
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Straight into the battery with no detours.

No additional costs.

This fast charging station is always where you need it so you don’t need to move the vehicle. No expensive permanent installations are required either. Simply set up, plug in, and charge on direct current.

Always ready to charge.

The right plug for every electric vehicle: The JUICE DIRECTOR 2 is also available with a CCS2 plug (DC), a CHAdeMO plug (DC) or an additional 22 kW AC charging socket. The plugs are high quality and unbreakable. All the connections are fixed connections, and ready for the user to start the charging without changing any plugs.

Optionally available with RFID.

Activation via RFID can be integrated if desired. Protect the JUICE DIRECTOR 2 against improper use or differentiate employee’s usage rights.
Optimally protected with the robust steel frame
Short-circuit proof, excess current-proof, overvoltage and undervoltage protection and insulation and earth monitoring at the DC outputs
Equipped with extra impact-absorbent castors
Optional type 2 AC socket with fault-current circuit breaker, over-current protection and earth conductor monitoring
Air cooled
Emergency stop in reach
Can be used in a temperature range of -20 °C to +45 °C
100% compatibility with all existing and new electric cars with a CHAdeMO, CCS2 or type 2 connector.
DimensionsHeight: 1060 mm, depth: 370 mm, width: 770 mm
Weight70 kg
Input current3 x 400 V AC (± 10%) / 45 – 65 Hz / 32 A
Mains connectionCEE 32
DC power output20 kW, 170 – 940 V DC, max. 50 A
AC power output22 kW, 400 V AC, 32 A
Protection class – conformityIP54 – EN 61851-23 / DIN 70121: ISO 15118 Combo 2, CHAdeMO 0.9.1
Operating temperature-20 °C to +45 °C
ManagementOCPP 1.5 / 1.6, RFID activation
CommunicationEthernet, GSM / GPRS / UMTS or Powerline
ConnectionsCCS2 cable (IEC 62196-3), upon request also with CHAdeMO connection (JEVS G105) and/or type 2 socket (IEC 62196)
Material, colourRobust full metal body, white, housing protection, anthracite, cable, black

Experience the JUICE DIRECTOR 2 in action.

Mobile fast charging stations are a must-have for workshops with high frequency and low effort services.

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