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Juice Engineering is the R&D (research and development) division of the technology company.

Competence centre for all aspects of EV charging technology.

The interdisciplinary research and development team made up of experienced specialists in the fields of software, hardware, construction and design works under one roof. Juice Engineering develops modifications to and derivatives from products, white label solutions, components and complex software integrations for global customers within a short space of time.

Intelligence, ingenuity, innovation.

We always develop our solutions with the user in mind. From the base components through to the finished overall concept. We achieve this perfection through constant optimisation of our processes and continuous improvement of our products. Because quality comes not from the combination of individual, prefabricated assemblies, but rather from collaboration between specialist teams.

Interdisciplinary approach for comprehensive development

Our customers and partners benefit from the wealth of experience in the various teams of highly qualified specialists.
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JUICE Engineering

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Core software and firmware

The JUICE JET ENGINE is the heart of every Juice charging station.

Future-proof charging technology is much more than a simple power switch or static, partly intelligent load control with few gradations and too few amperes in too small clusters. Smart charging technology requires high-performance intelligence. The software forms the core on which all Juice products are built. This allows us to combine highly optimised calculation processes with sophisticated firmware. The JUICE JET ENGINE is the “smart” in smart charging.

Perfect for today, ready for tomorrow.

Fast, safe, reliable and networked charging thanks to the future-proof JUICE JET ENGINE:
Safe charging The JUICE JET ENGINE guarantees absolutely safe charging with all electric vehicles available on the market. Appropriate protective measures for high currents, residual currents, short circuits and overheating require integrated monitoring and a high-performance control unit.
Reliable charging The JUICE JET ENGINE is optimised for the individual charging characteristics and idiosyncrasies of the various electric vehicle models. It’s not just power that flows during charging, data is also exchanged between the charging station and the vehicle. Every vehicle communicates differently here: Some interact in a way which is not entirely standard-compliant, some speak “dialects” of standard communication. The JUICE JET ENGINE compensates for all this and makes charging as failure-proof as possible.
Future-proof charging In order to be future-proof, charging stations must support common interfaces and universal communication standards such as OCPP or EEBUS. As a result, they can be integrated into the Smart Grid and incorporated seamlessly into local energy management (HEMS), whereby energy can be efficiently used and the load on the grid can be optimised. This also facilitates extensive interoperability and fully dynamic load management, and can be monitored and controlled remotely. The clever, fully integrated software architecture of the JUICE JET ENGINE covers precisely these requirements and therefore allows for all future expansions, including customer-specific ones.


How can you recognise the most advanced charging stations on the market? Look for the “Powered by JUICE JET ENGINE” label.
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Solutions tailored to personal requirements.

Systems which are tailored to the customer’s individual requirements, right down to the last detail, create perfection. What do you need for the implementation of your project? Benefit from individual solutions or modifications to the successful Juice hardware and software which has proven itself worldwide.
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Technical innovations from Juice.

Pioneering developments make Juice the market leader. What is important here is not what can be done, but rather what provides real benefits for customers.