High-performance fast charging.


High-performance fast charging.

High-power charging
for any location.

Developed and manufactured in Switzerland, the JUICE ULTRA 2 guarantees maximum quality and unbeatable reliability, durability and safety. With its sleek design, the JUICE ULTRA 2 adds an elegant touch to any parking site.
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Sturdy, efficient,

high quality.

The JUICE ULTRA 2 is a flexible DC fast charging station for electric cars and commercial vehicles. With its modular design, the high-power charger (HPC) enables charging capacities of up to 500 kW. It is available in three versions – slim, large and hub – to suit the space and performance requirements of different locations.
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cooling system.

With its large cross section, the DC charging cable has a low resistance and requires no liquid cooling. Maintenance-free air cooling is sufficient for trouble-free operation without any performance losses. The lack of an active cooling system reduces energy consumption. And since no coolant is used, there are no environmental restrictions to consider either.


to use.

The crystal-clear 7” colour display ensures maximum ease of use. The unit is unlocked either via RFID or Plug and Charge (in accordance with ISO 15118) or, with an optional NFC terminal, using contactless payment by credit/debit card or mobile payment methods.


All models of the JUICE ULTRA 2 offer reliable functionality, simple installation and low maintenance requirements. They support all common fast-charging standards from various car manufacturers, allowing users to quickly charge both electric cars and electric commercial vehicles. Air-cooled DC charging cables with minimal heat generation ensure maximum efficiency and low operating costs. This makes it clear that DC chargers are in no way inferior to AC chargers in terms of their cost-benefit ratio.
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ultra-fast charging at 2 DC charging points (CCS2) simultaneously with up to 500 kW (2 × 250 kW)
Dynamic load management monitors and controls the energy distribution in real time.
additional AC socket for charging a third vehicle with up to 22 kW
Easy-to-read 7” screen ensures excellent usability.
vandal-resistant (IK10) and protected against dust and splash water (IP54)
DC safety: under/overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, short-circuit protection, earthing protection, insulation monitoring, earth conductor monitoring
Can be used in a temperature range of -20 °C to +45 °C
AC safety: residual current circuit breaker (Type B), excess current protection, earth conductor monitoring
RFID reader for activation with charge cards (compatible with all established providers, including eCarUp, Move, swisscharge)
OCPP, ISO 15118 (Plug and Charge), Ethernet, GPRS, UMTS and LTE
DimensionsHeight: 2185 mm, depth: 663/854 mm, width: 398/732 mm (from 3 rectifiers)
Input current3x 400 V (± 10%) / 50 Hz (± 5%) or 3x 480 V (± 10%) / 60 Hz (± 5%)
AC input current and output (from mains)117 A, 80 kW at 75 kW DC output 233 A, 160 kW at 150 kW DC output 352 A, 240 kW at 225 kW DC output 466 A, 320 kW at 300 kW DC output
Protection class – conformityIP54 – EN 61851-23/DIN 70121; ISO 15118
Operating temperature-30 ºC to +55 ºC
Output voltage150 V – 1000 V
Power output75 kW (1 rectifier), max. 500 A 150 kW (2 rectifiers), max. 500 A 225 kW (3 rectifiers), max. 500 A 300 kW (4 rectifiers), max. 500 A
RFID systemISO/IEC 14443A/B, ISO/IEC 15693
CommunicationGSM/CDMA, T-Ethernet, OCPP 1.6
ConnectionsCCS2 cable (IEC 62196), with CCS1 cable and/or with type 2 plug and/or CHAdeMO connection upon request
Material – colourRobust full metal body – anthracite, cable, black

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This high-powered DC charger from Switzerland is compact, easy to install and low-maintenance. Whether slim, large or hub, we have the right model for every location.

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