High-performance fast charging.

Multiple electric vehicles per minute.

Rectifiers don’t have to be separate from the charging station in their own bulky housing. Short charging times with high output also work compactly in an elegant charging station which has the rectifier directly integrated.
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Charge fast and keep driving: With the JUICE ULTRA, multiple electric vehicles can be charged within short time intervals using direct current (DC). Perfect for service stations, parking areas or services providers of all kinds who want to provide their customers with fast charging current. You can’t buy time, but you can save it.

How does the

JUICE ULTRA look in front of your business premises?

Want to know how the JUICE ULTRA fits into the parking environment in 3D? Use your smartphone to visualise Juice products on site.
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The product is integrated into your surroundings in real time as a 3D object through your smartphone camera with the help of AR technology.

Which version is right for you?

Modularly upgradable up to a 300 kW DC charging capacity. You can freely combine all variants of the DC charging station for semi-public and public area in the configurator.
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Wide variety thanks to modular design.

More power without detours in the vehicle battery.

The JUICE ULTRA is available in two sizes with up to 4 power modules: 75 kW, 150 kW, 225 kW or even 300 kW. In each case, the efficient rectifier transforms the charging current from alternating current to direct current quicker than the on-board rectifier in your electric vehicle.


The 75 kW and 150 kW versions use the same housing. You therefore remain flexible and can upgrade if required. Is even more power appealing? Not a problem! We have an even larger housing for still more flexibility. This can be modularly fitted with between one and four rectifiers (75 kW power output per rectifier, maximum 300 kW). With this upgrading capability and scalability, the investment in a fast charging station continues to pay off in the future.

Timeless - elegant - representative.

The all-in-one device integrates all of the technology elegantly into the housing. No separate rectifiers are required and long supply lines with expensive water-cooled cables are therefore not needed. The streamlined design, standard anchors, prefabricated foundations, integrated levelling and robust quick connectors make lightning-fast installation possible.

Easy to use.

The high-resolution 15” colour display on the side of the housing ensures ease of use. Activation is done either via RFID or plug and charge (in accordance with ISO 15118) or optionally by credit card.

Freely configurable.

The JUICE ULTRA is also available with an additional 22 kW AC socket, cable or CHAdeMO plug upon request. Liquid-cooled cables are available for models from 150 kW for maximum output. The plugs are high quality and unbreakable. All connections are fixed connections, and are immediately available to the user for the charging.
Available in four variants and two housing sizes for 1–2 modules (75 kW, 150 kW) and 3-4 modules (225 kW, 300 kW)
Integrated heat monitoring and direct current fault detection
Vandal-proof full metal body ( in accordance with IK10)
Emergency stop in reach
Contactless payment function with NFC/RFID
100% compatibility with all existing and new electric cars with a CHAdeMO, CCS1, CCS2 or type 2 connector
DimensionsHeight: 2185 mm, depth: 663/854 mm, width: 398/732 mm (from 3 rectifiers)
Input current3x 400 V (± 10%) / 50 Hz (± 5%) or 3x 480 V (± 10%) / 60 Hz (± 5%)
AC input current and output (from mains)117 A, 80 kW at 75 kW DC output 233 A, 160 kW at 150 kW DC output 352 A, 240 kW at 225 kW DC output 466 A, 320 kW at 300 kW DC output
Protection class – conformityIP54 – EN 61851-23/DIN 70121; ISO 15118
Operating temperature-30 ºC to +55 ºC
Output voltage150 V – 1000 V
Power output75 kW (1 rectifier), max. 500 A 150 kW (2 rectifiers), max. 500 A 225 kW (3 rectifiers), max. 500 A 300 kW (4 rectifiers), max. 500 A
RFID systemISO/IEC 14443A/B, ISO/IEC 15693
CommunicationGSM/CDMA, T-Ethernet, OCPP 1.6
ConnectionsCCS2 cable (IEC 62196), with CCS1 cable and/or with type 2 plug and/or CHAdeMO connection upon request
Material – colourRobust full metal body – anthracite, cable, black

Experience the JUICE ULTRA in action.

Elegant, timeless, representative. Anyone who has charged their vehicle at a JUICE ULTRA will always come back.

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