Juice pursues the goal of managing all areas – from development through to manufacturing and use – as economically, ecologically and with as much social sustainability as possible.

Sustainability is no by-product, but rather is a strategic element of our work.

A first-rate, long-lasting and future-proof product which is also produced as sustainably as possible? That’s how things need to be, in our opinion! We are firmly convinced that clean mobility begins with clean charging technology.

Sustainability starts within the company.

For Juice, it was clear from the start that electromobility is more than just a new drive type. It must be seen as an overall concept. In order to be able to make an outward contribution to sustainability, we must also build the company sustainably and with future-proofing, because only a solid basis makes it possible for us to expand our engagement to other areas such as ecology and social issues.

Research and development

Recognising trends, keeping an eye on market developments and identifying user requirements are crucial for the role of a market leader. As a global employer, it is our responsibility to ensure the success of the company. Through our R&D (research and development) department, we identify changes at an early stage and are able to take them into consideration in product planning and development.
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Long-lasting supplier relationships.

A sustainable enterprise includes developing stable partnerships. That’s the only way for us to ensure quality in the long term and allow for planning security for everyone involved through long-term collaboration. With the ISO 20400 guidelines, we also make a commitment not only to ensure the value of the goods, but also to support collaboration with suppliers who act sustainably.

We are committed to a CO2-neutral world!

Juice plants trees for every product in order to neutralise the CO2 emissions from production and transportation.

More for everyone!

For every product manufactured, we plant the number of trees required to neutralise the CO2 emissions. For example, the production and transportation of a JUICE BOOSTER 2 including adapter generates 84 kg of CO2. If we plant a tree today, it will absorb roughly 120 kg of CO2 in the first ten years. In order to promote long-term growth, we concentrate on projects which pay attention to biodiversity and do not cultivate monocultures.
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  • Juice has contributed to the restoration of forested areas on the Chilcotin plateau in British Columbia, Canada. The forest was no longer able to naturally regenerate after the plateau was devastated by the Hanceville fire in 2017. Planting of tree species which are better adapted to climate change should produce a forested area which is healthy in the long term. By the end of 2020, Juice had planted an area of forest the size of 210 football fields and completed this project.
  • The forests of Undabaso in the province of Biscay, which are part of the Urdaibai biosphere reserve, are being restored through reforestation. Biodiversity is under threat from large pine and eucalyptus plantations in the region. More than 35 tree species are being planted in this reforestation project. If attention is paid to biodiversity instead of trees being planted in monocultures, then they can easily live to be 50 or a 100 years old. Juice supports the Lurgaia Fundazioa foundation which is striving to create a coherent forest of native trees through One Tree Planted.

Sustainability is not a question of size, but rather continuous optimisation through constant growth.

Since 2018, Juice has undergone various audits every years and is certified by independent, external testing organisations. The challenge is to not only implement standards effectively, but also maintain them during the course of growth and global expansion.
WEEE & activate 2022 Juice additionally sends an important signal when it comes to packaging, recycling and waste sorting through the “Activate 2022” awards for packaging management and as a WEEE-licenced company.
ISO 50001 This philosophy also finds its way into product design. The smartJUICE load and charging management system, certified in accordance with the ISO 50001 standard, guarantees users optimal energy management with maximum efficiency.
ISO 14001 Juice has also had its environmental management system certified in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard by an independent body. This certifies that not only is environmentally friendly production carried out, but this attitude is also put into practice at all levels of the company.
ISO 20400 The desire for sustainable procurement is expressed in ISO standard 20400. With this certification, Juice commits to supporting collaboration in the procurement process with suppliers who work according to social, ecological and economical aspects within the context of sustainability.

Sustainability in the products

Juice makes sure that all components are durable and are made from non-mixed materials to the greatest extent possible. This makes it possible for all products to be easily broken down into their component parts again and recycled at the end of their life cycle. This ensures that they are available again as raw materials for reuse.
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Brown packaging

We print packaging made from untreated cardboard in one colour, don’t use any unnecessary finishes and, wherever possible, use recycled paper. As a result, we are able to save not only resources, but also many tonnes of CO2. All packaging materials that bear the FSC logo are made with wood from responsibly managed forests.

Because even the little things count when it comes to climate protection

No food is thrown away in the Juice cafeteria. Leftovers are packaged up and frozen, and employees can take them home free of charge.

A partner with a social background

Engagement shouldn’t be limited to individual sections of the value chain, but rather should include the entire environment. This also includes the people involved in the process, who do valuable work with great commitment. Anyone who is entrusted with a meaningful task delivers high quality which is essential for the economy.

Uetendorfberg Foundation

Juice goes one step further in the production of its products and also supports social institutions within the context of the value chain. The Uetendorfberg Foundation enables people with impaired hearing, impaired speech and multiple disabilities to pursue employment. It promotes the right of every individual to organise their life individually, independently and with self-determination according to their abilities. To this end, Uetendorfberg offers practical training, internships and jobs in the field of production and services within a safe framework.
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Satisfied employees are more successful.

Juice facilitates a stimulating, challenging work atmosphere. The corporate culture provides space for self-expression, encourages people to tread unconventional paths and promotes a spirit of innovation. Honest interaction, appreciation and communication on an equal basis result in motivated employees who like to learn and want to grow together with the company.
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