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The JUICE CONNECTOR is the connector developed by Juice that transmits not only electricity, but also data in the same compact plug.
Automatic adapter detection through the JUICE CONNECTOR, developed in-house.
Transmits not only electricity, but also information for controlling the current, temperature signals from the mains plug and the CP signal.
Connection for adapters, extension cables and add-ons for the JUICE BOOSTER 2 and JUICE BOOSTER 2 pro.
Safe to drive over and waterproof in accordance with IP67 while plugged in.
Easy, quick and convenient to use thanks to a one-click connection.
Protection against incorrect use, polarity and arcing.
The JUICE CONNECTOR is the future-proof universal interface for all standard Juice adapters, JUICE CELSIUS adapters, Juice Mode 3 adapters, Juice extension cables and numerous future applications. The JUICE CONNECTOR pro is the interface on the vehicle side. Visually distinguishable, different cam codes ensure that nothing gets mixed up. This means that the plugs are also interchangeable between type 2, type 1 and type GB on the vehicle side. The JUICE CONNECTOR has first make/last break contacts to the protective conductor and CP, and therefore offers the maximum application safety.

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Maximum protection for the vehicle, charging station and home installation.

For load shedding, ripple control receivers can analyse a load shedding signal coming from an energy provider and communicate it to the charger. The load is then reduced accordingly, the charging process is paused and the charging infrastructure is thus protected.
Receives the on or off signal from the ripple control receiver.
Powers down the charging process on a controlled basis in a few seconds, and only disconnects the vehicle from the grid then.
Puts the vehicle into a pause state so that it can be reactivated once electricity is available again in order to continue the charging process.
Maintains communication with the ripple control receiver and the load management systems.
Thereby reliably protects against irreparable damage to the switching contacts.
Saves on costs for subsequent additional installations because this function will be required by energy providers or legislators across Europe today or in the near future.
Ideal energy supply: Electricity has to be generated at the moment consumers use it. Its production and consumption must therefore be in balance at all times. If they are not, frequency fluctuations occur. Protection against fluctuations in the network: Frequency fluctuations occur as soon as the number of oscillations in the alternating current changes. This deviation is more serious than a voltage dip. Load shedding as the last measure: If the mains frequency is lower than the target mains frequency (50 Hertz in Europe), an under-frequency arises, which occurs when more electricity is suddenly consumed than produced. To prevent the grid from collapsing, individual consumers are randomly disconnected from the power grid. To do this, the utilities providers require emergency access to e-vehicle charging stations.

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Sensors for improved safety.

The specially developed, patented JUICE CELSUIS temperature sensor provides reliable protection against cable overheating, and thereby prevents damage to the socket or the vehicle’s battery. This allows for safe charging at any conventional household socket.
The JUICE CELSIUS temperature sensor in adapter plugs for domestic sockets registers heat generation directly at the plug pins.
The signal from the temperature sensors is communicated to the JUICE BOOSTER 2 via the JUICE CONNECTOR.
The JUICE BOOSTER 2 brings charging to a controlled stop even before possible overheating.
Best possible protection against cable fires and fire damage in the house. The JUICE-CELSIUS sensor is integrated as standard in all adapter plugs for household sockets: CEE7/7 (Schuko), T12/T13 (Switzerland), Type L (Italy), Type G (UK). The NEMA 5-15, NEMA 6-15, NEMA 5-20 and NEMA 6-20 adapter plugs for North America are also equipped with JUICE CELSIUS. After cooling down, the charging process is continued on a controlled basis. This is repeated up to three times. If the plug overheats again on the third attempt, the charging cycle is stopped entirely.

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