The German readers of “Electricar” magazine have voted in 16 different categories for their preferred manufacturers, services and apps of 2022. With well over 10,000 votes, Juice secured the top spot among the five most popular manufacturers of charging cables.

Of course, we hardly need mention that our products are much more than simple charging cables and that this is just one of the many features they offer.

Our new JUICE BOOSTER 3 air is a mobile 7-in-1 charging station that is controlled via an app and makes a variety of data available for the driver.

A new highlight in the j+ ecosystem
This first device in the j+ product range fits seamlessly into the j+ environment and boasts extensive control and safety functions to make charging your electric vehicle easier, safer and more convenient than ever before.

Thanks to its smart inner workings, the diverse functionality of the JB3air as a wall box, mobile charging station and charging cable (3-in-1) has been supplemented with further practical features, including activation, monitoring and control of the charging processes via the j+ pilot app.

All the data is collected in this app and presented in a structured manner, from the number of kilowatt hours charged to a log book that can be used for billing purposes.

Safety is paramount
The safety aspect is of course just as important for users, and the new error messages have elevated it to the highest standard so far.

The familiar safety functions, such as protection against DC and AC fault currents and JUICE CELSIUS automatic temperature monitoring, have now been supplemented with the reliable detection of installation errors in sockets – indicated by the “Wiring” message – as well as the prevention of excessive current consumption by the car – indicated by the “Overload” message.

You can find more details about the JUICE BOOSTER 3 air on the product page.

Highlights of the JUICE WORLD CHARGING DAY 2022: