Juice Technology enables operation of the JUICE CHARGER me 3 with the wallee payment terminal for public charging

Juice Technology AG – manufacturer of charging stations and software, leader in mobile charging stations for electric vehicles – is partnering with Wallee Group AG, a Winterthur-based payment service provider, to enable convenient payment via credit/debit card or mobile payment methods at charging stations.

“Now it is finally possible to pay for the charging current for your electric car both easily and affordably via a credit/debit card or, for example, using Twint. This eliminates the need for the countless charging cards, which in some cases benefit up to four different parties and have always led to inflated charging tariffs. The Swiss solution is easy to set up, cheap to use, maintenance-free and safe – and the operators have full control over the charged tariffs, which are displayed directly on the screen for maximum transparency”, states Christoph Erni, CEO and founder of Juice.

The JUICE CHARGER me 3 combined with the terminal from wallee represents an attractive alternative to charging networks. It is particularly beneficial to external users requiring an uncomplicated charging solution for their electric cars. They can pay for the electricity used to charge their cars on the JUICE CHARGER me 3 with credit, debit and cash cards as well as with mobile payment methods such as Twint, Apple Pay and Google Pay. This opens up additional sources of income for commercial providers from various sectors, including restaurants, hotels, sports facilities, retail outlets, real estate developers and businesses with company parking spaces. Now everyone can be a professional provider of charging stations.

The system – i.e. the Juice charging station with a wallee payment terminal – is already being used in some first projects, such as the Laax ski resort in Graubünden and the Riedmatt shopping centre in Rümlang.

wallee transforms the JUICE CHARGER me 3 into a commercial charging station

The JUICE CHARGER me 3 is fully networked and ideal for installations of any size. The simple connection via a ribbon cable, reliability and compatibility with all electric cars as well as flexible scalability make it a future-proof solution, even in the professional sector.

Sascha Krüsi, CXO and co-founder of wallee, is delighted about the collaboration: “As a partner who, like Juice, calls the Swiss canton of Zurich their home, we are pleased to have the perfect complement to Juice charging stations in our range. With wallee and the wallee terminal, charging stations can easily accept modern payment methods, including both credit and debit cards as well as contactless payments via Apple Pay, Google Pay or Twint – the latter being particularly important for the Swiss market. Thanks to attractive conditions along with rapid billing and payment, we offer an ideal solution for commercial charging infrastructures. Operators have complete freedom when it comes to charging tariffs and electricity prices. And since fleet cards can also be integrated, providers can serve all user groups with a single solution.”

What does this mean for operators?

Thanks to the partnership with wallee, customers benefit from favourable transaction fees in comparison to competitors. In Switzerland, wallee has already established itself as a reliable service provider in many areas of payment processing, and this creates an additional basis of trust. Juice provides an all-inclusive package, comprising the charging station, payment terminal, backend, setup and onboarding as well as training courses to ensure trouble-free operation.

The aim of the cooperation between Juice and wallee is to create a cost-effective and easily accessible infrastructure that is equally suitable for both small and large installations. As Christoph Erni stresses: “We are of the firm conviction that this combination of innovative technology and trustworthy payment services will pay a crucial part in shaping the future of e-mobility.”

Projects that combine the wallee payment terminal with Juice charging stations are currently privately financed.

The JUICE CHARGER me 3 at a glance:

  • Swiss charging station with fixed charging cable
  • Smart 11-kW wall charger, upgradable to 22 kW at no extra cost
  • Supplied fully pre-configured for “Plug & Play” installation
  • Activation via RFID or “Plug & Charge” (according to ISO 15118) for operation without payment terminal
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Connectivity via Wi-Fi and Ethernet
  • Dynamic load management for up to 250 units, MID-certified current meter
  • Optional residual current circuit breaker (RCBO)
  • OCPP 1.5 and 1.6 support for connection to different backends
  • CE-compliant, IP67 protection against water and dirt, IK10 impact protection, temperature-resistant (operating range of -30°C to 50°C)
  • Works reliably with all vehicle makes
  • Printable and replaceable front panel for individual designs

The wallee terminal at a glance:

  • Installed in the same housing as the JUICE CHARGER me 3, ensuring perfect visual integration into the charging environment
  • Multiple charging points can be controlled with a single terminal
  • Accepts modern payment methods such as credit/debit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Twint as well as fleet cards
  • Clear user guidance via the weatherproof touchscreen
  • Including backend for controlling the charging tariffs, generating overviews and billing
  • Enables pricing with the following elements: price per kWh, price per minute, basic fee per charge
  • Integrated readers for contactless NFC payments as well as for magnetic and chip cards: ensures reliable support for cards from all countries and smartphone-based payments.
  • Exact billing according to actual consumption and price overview at the end of the charging operation
  • Receipts can be downloaded via QR code or e-mail


Further information is available at www.juice.world/produkte/juice-charger-me-3


Information about other Juice charging solutions is available at www.juice.world

About Juice Technology

Juice Technology AG, which is based in Bachenbülach, Switzerland (near Zurich airport), is a global manufacturer of charging solutions for electric vehicles. The company’s extensive product portfolio includes both AC and DC charging stations and extends from light mobile devices to large quick chargers. Juice has dominated the global market for mobile 22-kW charging stations since 2014 and is one of the industry’s few full-range suppliers.
User friendliness is at the heart of all product development at Juice Technology. All products are designed and created with a clear focus on the user in order to ensure intuitive and efficient operation. With its consistent software orientation, Juice pursues the objective of making all charging stations compatible with each other and integrating them into a universal software ecosystem. This strategy not only maximises usability but also saves a great deal of time, effort and costs – both in development and in installation and application.
The Juice Group has a global presence with separate sites, subsidiaries and partner companies in Europe (DACH region, Great Britain, Scandinavia, Iberian Peninsula, France, Italy and large parts of the EU), Asia (with office in China) and North America (with office in Florida for the USA, Canada and Mexico). The company also has a global network of resellers. The Swiss headquarters are home to the company’s research and development, marketing, administration, purchasing and sales, and logistics. This central positioning allows Juice to drive the development of innovative technologies and respond to the needs of the global market with maximum flexibility.
You can find more information about the company, its products and solutions at www.juice.world. You can also follow us on LinkedInFacebookInstagram and X (formerly Twitter).

About Wallee Group AG

Wallee AG offers modern payment processing based on an intelligent cloud solution across all channels: in e-commerce, in business and for mobile applications with the wallee terminal or via machines and charging points. With wallee, all payment flows come together on a single platform for straightforward management and easy integration into own systems. The possibilities of the wallee omnichannel cloud solution combined with the terminals of the latest generation offer efficiency, stability and user-friendly payment advantages to hoteliers, event organisers, shop owners and various different tradespersons. Particularly in its home market of Switzerland, wallee is one of the leading providers of payment services. The company serves customers across the globe from its headquarters in Winterthur, Switzerland. A team of around 140 employees develops the modern payment solutions at five European locations (Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg, Poland and Lithuania). www.wallee.com


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