The Juice charging stations are now officially integrated into the Hyundai Switzerland configurator and are also available through the accessories page. 

Hyundai has firmly anchored the switch to alternative drive systems into its strategy, which is reflected in the strong range of electrified models in particular. Today, three out of four Hyundai models are available in versions with partial or full electric drive.

The Electric and Electric Facelift KONA models, which are very successful in Switzerland, the plug-in hybrid variants of the IONIQ, TUCSON and SANTA FE, as well as the IONIQ Electric, and the IONIQ5, which was chosen as the “Swiss Car of the Year 2022”, can be directly configured with solutions from Juice. Together with the appropriate adapters, the JUICE BOOSTER 2 is the perfect full service package from the outset which facilitates large ranges and fast charging. Other Juice solutions are also available through Hyundai Switzerland.

Efficiency, safety and suitability for everyday use – three values which are at least as important to Juice as they are to Hyundai. It comes as no surprise, therefore, that Hyundai Switzerland and Juice Technology make a perfect team when it comes to electrification.
“Two things are required for the wider distribution of electromobility in the general population: affordable vehicle models and charging infrastructure which is readily available and easy to use. Hyundai customers now have direct access to an ideal charging solution which is tailored to their needs, at the highest level of technology and extremely user-friendly,” says Christoph Erni, CEO of Juice Technology AG.

Despite growing interest, potential buyers often hesitate because they still have concerns about the range being too low or supposedly complicated connection to charging pillars. The solutions from Juice Technology are developed entirely from the user’s perspective and therefore have the potential to overcome fears of this nature.