The world’s most compact mobile charging station is now available

On Juice World Charging Day 2022, Juice Technology AG, manufacturer of charging stations and software – and a leader in mobile charging stations for electric vehicles – launched the JUICE BOOSTER 3 air as another highlight in its product range. In addition to its well-known applications as a mobile charging station, wall charger and type-2 charging cable, the JUICE BOOSTER 3 air includes charging and load management as well as access management – and can be controlled and monitored remotely with the j+ pilot app.

As the first device in the j+ range, the JUICE BOOSTER 3 air has intelligent, interface-friendly firmware which makes it compatible with other j+ charging stations. Another special feature is the option of controlling the JUICE BOOSTER 3 air from the j+ pilot universal app.

“The road we are on leads towards a comprehensive ecosystem consisting of charging solutions for use at home and when driving. And with everything fully integrated and intelligently networked,” explains Christoph Erni, CEO and founder of Juice Technology AG. “With the JUICE BOOSTER 3 air, we have succeeded in creating a product which is second to none.”

7-in-1 and comprehensive connectivity.

As a 7-in-1 solution, it brings together the tried-and-tested range of functions as a wall charger, a mobile charging station and a charging cable (3-in-1), but also has the full range of j+ services. That promises a comprehensive range of functions: the activation, monitoring and control of the charging processes as well as the smartJUICE integrated dynamic load management for up to ten units. The digital current meter provides information about the amount of energy charged and allows for the straightforward allocation of the charged current. These functions are all controlled with the j+ pilot app.

The type-2 plug with its control panel, the JUICE CONTROLLER, which was developed especially for the JUICE BOOSTER 3 air, features a programmable button in addition to an integrated RFID reader. This enables the permitted current to be adjusted in the first 30 seconds (equivalent to the “Select” button on the Booster). Afterwards, if permitted by the vehicle, it can be used to unlock the plug.

Two wireless connections ensure stable communications: after the on-boarding via Bluetooth, the JUICE BOOSTER 3 air connects to the j+ pilot app via the cloud. This means that the charging station does not require a GSM connection or a SIM card for its smart functions. It also means that the user does not incur any unnecessary or hidden costs.

Maximum charging safety

The JUICE BOOSTER 3 air is more sleek and lighter in weight than the JUICE BOOSTER 2, but it naturally comes with all of the same safety features. It can be safely driven over with a wheel load of up to three tonnes and is fully compliant with the applicable standards. It is also IP67 waterproof and protected against dirt and environmental influences. The protective function against DC and AC faults is integrated as a standard and makes the installation of an expensive type B residual-current device on the home installation superfluous.

The mobile wall charger detects more than ten different types of faults. All fault messages appear on the LED display on the Booster in plain text. External faults are recognised clearly as well. If the socket is wired incorrectly (“wiring” fault message), or if the vehicle draws more current than permitted (“overload” fault message), the JUICE BOOSTER 3 air recognises this and declines or immediately stops the charging process. The user is able to see the fault easily on the display. The JUICE BOOSTER 3 air therefore also functions as a detector for mains-side sources of fault and as protection against interference on the vehicle side.

The patented, tried-and-tested JUICE CELSIUS temperature monitoring system offers additional safety when charging from household sockets. The sensor, which is built into the household adapter (Schuko, T12/T13, type L and type G), detects if the plug pins become too hot. If the socket overheats, the JUICE BOOSTER 3 air executes a controlled shutdown of the charging process, which it resumes automatically up to three times after cooling down – at one capacity level lower each time. In this way, the house installation is protected from damage and the battery is still fully charged.

Activation via RFID

In the future, an RFID reader will be used for the access management. This is usefully fitted directly to the vehicle’s type-2 plug: simply holding the charging card or a tag against the plug is sufficient to activate the charging process. This excludes the possibility of unauthorised use. Alternatively, Free Charge can also be configured without RFID authentication using a mobile end device. Other functions, such as the receipt function, time control and planning of the charging processes will be added successively.

The JUICE BOOSTER 3 air marks the start of a new product category and is an addition to the popular JUICE BOOSTER 2 3-in-1 solution. It measures less than 53 mm in diameter, has a length of less than 213 mm and only weighs approximately 700 g (without the cable). The mobile wall charger is slimmer than a 330 ml can of Coke, making it the smallest and lightest mobile charger available on the market to date. The 11-kW charging station allows one- to three-phase charging with up to 16 amps, which is equivalent to the maximum charging capacity that over 90 percent of the vehicles currently available on the market are able to accommodate.


The bigger picture – an overview of the JUICE BOOSTER 3 air:

  1. Charging capacity: The JUICE BOOSTER 3 air is a fully-fledged mobile 11-kW charging station in a compact format. It allows for one- to three-phase charging at six to 16 amps.
  2. Flexibility: With the JUICE BOOSTER 3 air adapters, the electric vehicle can be charged at any conventional domestic or industrial plug socket, worldwide. Charging at public infrastructure is also possible using the type-2 adapter. This means that a separate emergency charging cable is no longer necessary. With its matching holder, the JUICE BOOSTER 3 air can also be used as a smart wall charger.
  3. Automatic output detection: The charging device is always set to the optimum charging capacity. This prevents the overloading of sockets and power cables.
  4. Fault identification: The JUICE BOOSTER 3 air can detect more than ten different types of faults, including faults that originate in the cable and the vehicle. These are displayed directly on the unit via LED and are easy to read.
  5. Certified and compliant with the applicable standards: The JUICE BOOSTER 3 air is completely dust- and waterproof (IP 67), and can be driven over with a wheel load of up to three tonnes (IK10). It is compliant with the standards according to the two EMC Directives, IEC 62752 and IEC 61851.
  6. Connectivity: The Bluetooth and WiFi wireless networks provide comprehensive connectivity to the j+ pilot app and the j+ environment. Since the device can be updated over-the-air, it isn’t just possible to adapt it to all upcoming requirements, but also to install additional functions. This maximises its future viability.
  7. smartJuice: The cloud-based load management can be configured for up to ten devices via the j+ pilot app. For this purpose, the stations are logged in the app conveniently using the QR scanner and connected to a group. To prevent the house connection from being overloaded, a limit value is set in advance for the capacity which can be used exclusively for the charging. Once a vehicle is fully charged or if it goes off the grid, the released charging capacity is distributed to the other vehicles on a dynamic basis.
  8. Access management: An RFID reader is integrated into the vehicle’s type-2 plug for the purposes of activation. Two RFID cards are included in the scope of delivery. In the future, it will possible to activate the charging process simply by holding the charging card or a tag against the reader. This excludes the possibility of unauthorised use. Free Charge can be configured ex-works without RFID authentication via a mobile end device.
  9. Keeping your costs under control: The charged energy is consistently logged via the integrated digital electricity meter. A specific rate can be allocated to each charging process in the app. This provides a breakdown of the costs directly in the charging history.
  10. JUICE CONTROLLER: The programmable button which is built into the type-2 plug on the vehicle side allows for the current to be regulated for the first 30 seconds after plugging in. The charging process can subsequently be stopped and, if permitted by the vehicle, the plug can be released again.
  11. Backwards compatible: There are more than 30 different adapter plugs. All the household and industrial plugs that have been developed for the JUICE BOOSTER 2 are also compatible with the JUICE BOOSTER 3 air. For mode 3 charging at public charging stations, both the JUICE BOOSTER 3 air and the JUICE BOOSTER 2 have their own type-2 adapter plug. There is no risk if the type-2 plugs are mixed up. If the adapter plug of the JUICE BOOSTER 2 (32 A) is connected to the JUICE BOOSTER 3 air, the BOOSTER 3 air registers the “socket” + “overload” faults, and does not charge. If, on the other hand the adapter plug of the JUICE BOOSTER 3 air (20 A) is connected to the JUICE BOOSTER 2, charging with a maximum of 20 amps is possible.
  12. Extension cable: 5 m and 10 m extension cables are available. Regardless of which JUICE BOOSTER they are intended for, they can be used with the JUICE BOOSTER 3 air. The extension cables of the JUICE BOOSTER 3 air are not compatible with the JUICE BOOSTER 2, though, because they are designed for 16 amps, making them much thinner and easier to use.
  13. Price: available from CHF/EUR 1,499 incl. VAT Scope of delivery: JUICE BOOSTER 3 air, 2 adapters (CEE 16 red plus country-specific household plug), 2 RFID cards, soft case with Velcro strip for a secure hold in the vehicle’s boot.


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Highlights of the JUICE WORLD CHARGING DAY 2022:

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About Juice Technology

Juice Technology AG, based in Bachenbülach (near Zurich airport, Switzerland) is a manufacturer of charging solutions for e-vehicles, active worldwide. The company’s extensive product portfolio, with AC and DC charging stations from light mobile devices through to large quick chargers, makes it one of a very small number of full-range providers in the industry. Juice has dominated the market for mobile 22 kW charging stations since 2014.

The crucial difference from other solutions available on the market is its consistent software orientation. All devices labelled with “j+” are based on the same processor and the same firmware, making them compatible with each other. Juice saves significant time, labour and costs by using a single, consistent software architecture. Solutions such as omni-dynamic load management, credit card payment and the open-interface back-end are therefore available for the full range of products.

The Juice Group has global reach, with its own locations, subsidiaries and partner companies. Juice Power AG, Juice Services AG, Juice Telemetrics AG, Juice Europe GmbH in Germany with a subsidiary in Munich, Juice UK and Ireland Ltd in London, Juice Nordics AB in Uppsala, Juice Iberia S.L. in Malaga, Juice France SAS in Paris, Zhejiang Juice Technology Co., Ltd in Hangzhou, China and Juice Americas Inc. in St. Petersburg, FL, USA are part of the group of companies. It also has a global network of resellers. In total, over 200 people currently work for the company in the areas of research and development, production, marketing, administration, purchasing and sales, and logistics.

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