With the JUICE BOOSTER 2 crowned wallbox charging station test winner a year ago, the JUICE CHARGER me has followed suit this year in the 11-kW performance class

Juice Technology AG, producer of electric charging stations and software and the market leader in portable chargers for electric cars, has once again been awarded top scores from Germany’s independent product comparison and testing website Vergleich.org – this time for the JUICE CHARGER me. This fix-mounted wallbox unit is the new price-performance winner among 11-kW charger models.

Launched on the market just last year, the stationary JUICE CHARGER me wallbox is already the price-performance champion among 11-kW wall-mounted chargers. And the JUICE BOOSTER 2, having taken home the laurels in 2021 among all wallbox units tested by Vergleich.org, is now also the top-selling charging station among the 13 best 22-kW wallbox chargers.

A winner ensures care-free charging at home
A wallbox charger delivering a charging output of 11 kW is usually sufficient to recharge an electric vehicle overnight – besides the fact that over 90 percent of all electric cars on the market are also only designed for a maximum charge power of 11 kW. Consequentially, 11-kW charger models are approved for government subsidising like that offered by Germany’s KfW development bank, despite the fact that 22-kW charging stations are the standard variant. Juice developed the JUICE CHARGER me in two variants – for 11-kW and 22-kW charging – to provide a wallbox solution offering maximum versatility.

This wall-mounted charging station can be installed in no time at all, is energy-efficient, and one of the first wallbox chargers on the market to fulfil the new ISO 15118 standard requirements, enabling Plug-&-Charge features.

Focus on customers
The comparison tests conducted by Vergleich.org make plainly clear that equipment features as well as charging times and safety aspects are decisive to product rating. Yet, the ease of equipment handling is also important to customers – no matter whether the charging station is portable or stationary.

Christoph Erni, CEO and founder of Juice Technology AG, emphasises the importance of consumer reviews: “The opinion of the impartial product comparison and testing portal Vergleich.org is especially important to us because it relies primarily on grading by consumers who use the devices on a daily basis.” Erni is delighted that the verdict from Vergleich.org has once again affirmed his company’s strategy: “What has put Juice in a class of its own right from the start is the basic principle that we always develop our devices from the user’s perspective. As is plain to see: high quality, user-friendly handling and a sound price-performance ratio are not mutually exclusive.”

An independent opinion
The online consumer magazine Vergleich.org compares reviews by prestigious testing sources with customer reviews from popular mail-order businesses. The assessments surveyed in this way are weighted, delivering a final compound evaluation that is then reviewed by the editing team. To ensure uniform quality standards, Vergleich.org has been certified to ISO 9001 quality management standards by the independent inspection agency TÜV Süd. All comparisons, test reports and advisory guides for essential products and services are independent and transparent. Vergleich.org focuses on the relative price-performance ratio: the price of a better-quality product may also be proportionally higher.

The essential benefits of the JUICE CHARGER me in a nutshell:

    1. Compact design: Measuring 24 cm long and 12 cm deep, the JUICE CHARGER me is particularly compact, and also very light, weighing in at only 6.5 kg (including the cable). The 5-metre-long cable ensure the necessary flexibility.


    1. Charging power: Single-, 2- or 3-phase charging at a current ranging from six to 32 amps (A) delivers charging power of up to 22 kW. For public subsidisation such as that offered by the KfW development bank, there is a variant designed for 16 A and a charging output of 11 kW.


    1. Plug and Play: The wallbox comes completely preconfigured and ready for immediate use, minimising the scope of installation work needed.


    1. Plug and Charge: The JUICE CHARGER me is certified to ISO 15118 requirements. Once plugged into an e-car’s charge socket, the charging station automatically recognises every Plug-&-Charge-enabled vehicle, and begins charging immediately.


    1. Charging and load management: Each unit comes equipped for locally dynamic charging management for up to 250 charging stations in master-slave operation. The cloud-based omni-dynamic smartJUICE charging management system is available to accommodate an infinite number of wallbox units. An MID-certified electricity meter is integrated in every device destined for operation using charging and load management.


    1. Connectivity: The standardised Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) provides the backbone for connection to the j+ back-end system, enabling device management, remote maintenance, billing and/or load management.
      Three standardised interfaces (Modbus/TCP, Modbus/RTU and EEBUS) ensure communication with a Home Energy Management System. This allows integration of photovoltaic solar-power installations into home energy management systems and external load management control.
      All communication is implemented via the Ethernet connection. When used as a private individual charging station, however, no permanent network connection is needed, so operation is also possible without any LAN connection. All that’s needed to implement updates is to hook up a tablet or laptop computer.


    1. Sophisticated, safe and reliable design: The JUICE CHARGER me has a front panel made of UV-resistant polycarbonate glass. The charger is thus suitable for use indoors or outdoors, and is highly shock-resistant. The device is operable in ambient temperatures ranging from -25°C to +45°C. Its temperature sensor for reducing the charging current functions independently of ambient temperature The charging station is CE-compliant in accordance with the European Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive and Standards IEC 61851 and IEC 61439-7.


    1. Installation: The JUICE CHARGER me can be either fix-wall-mounted as a wallbox, or mounted as an individual or dual paired units on a pedestal.


    1. Activation: An RFID reader is integrated behind the front panel. Activation by RFID is enabled for all vehicles that do not support the ISO Standard 15118 for the Plug and Charge protocol. The two cards included with the purchased device can be blocked and replaced in case they are lost. It’s also possible to save the access data to an RFID badge.


    1. Price: EUR/CHF 999,-


The key benefits of JUICE BOOSTER 2 in a nutshell:

    1. Recharge your car from any power socket: The plug adapters supplied with the JUICE BOOSTER 2 enable you to charge your electric car from any conventional household or industrial power socket or public charging station anywhere in the world.


    1. Automatic detection of socket input current: The charger always adjusts automatically to the optimum charging power, ruling out any risk of overloading the power socket capacity.


    1. Automatic protection against overheating The JUICE BOOSTER 2 continuously monitors the temperature at both plug pins of all household socket adapters.


    1. JUICE BOOSTER 2 is completely waterproof (IP 67) and can withstand being run over by a wheel load of up to three tonnes.


    1. The JUICE CONNECTOR adapter plug is CE-compliant and designed so that additional functions can be added at a later date. Giving drivers the confidence that buying JUICE BOOSTER 2 and its adapters is a long-term investment.


    1. Tested by TÜV SÜD: JUICE BOOSTER 2 is the world’s first portable charging station in the 22 kW class to have been tested by TÜV SÜD for compliance with IEC 62752 Ed. 1 2016 including AMD1 2018.


  1. The Pro version of the JUICE BOOSTER 2 is additionally equipped with exchangeable vehicle-end adapters.

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About Juice Technology
Juice Technology AG, headquartered in the town of Bachenbülach (near Zurich Airport, Switzerland), is a globally active producer of charging solutions for electric vehicles. The company’s comprehensive product portfolio, featuring AC and DC charging stations ranging from lightweight mobile devices to large fast chargers, makes it one of the very few full-range vendors in the industry. Juice has dominated the market for mobile 22-kW charging stations since 2014.
The consistent, end-to-end software orientation decisively distinguishes Juice from other solutions available on the market. All Juice devices displaying the “j+” marking are based on the same processor and firmware, making them all mutually compatible with one another. By utilising uniform, consistent software architecture, Juice saves an immense amount of time, effort and cost. Solutions such as omni-dynamic load management, payment by credit card and the open-interface backend are thus all available to the entire product range.
The Juice Group enjoys worldwide presence with its own locations, subsidiaries and partner companies, The Juice corporate group includes Juice Services AG, Juice Telemetrics AG, the German firm Juice Europe GmbH headquartered in Munich, Juice UK and Ireland Ltd, based in London, Juice Nordics AB in Uppsala, Juice Iberia S.L. in Málaga, Juice France SAS in Paris, Zhejiang Juice Technology Co., Ltd in Hangzhou, China, and Juice Americas Inc. in the U.S. State of Delaware. The Group also has a global network of resellers. All told, the company today employees a workforce of over 200 people active in research and development, production, marketing, administration, purchasing, sales and logistics.
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