Industry leader makes portable wall boxes even more affordable

Juice Technology AG, manufacturer of charging stations and software and the leader in mobile charging stations for electric vehicles, is not only setting trends in technology, but is now also charting its own course in pricing.

Christoph Erni, founder and CEO of Juice Technology, has good news to report to start off the year: “We are pleased to announce that we are already able to reduce the prices for our smart wall box, the JUICE BOOSTER 3 air, which has enjoyed great popularity since its release. We are also able to lower the MSRP of the popular JUICE BOOSTER 2 back to the old price. Due to the high demand and our ability to produce more wall boxes at the same time, we have managed to increase our production volume and reduce our production costs accordingly. And we’ve done this without compromising on quality.”

Thanks to good supplier relationships and a smart purchasing strategy, Juice was able to procure semiconductor components and produce devices even during the supply chain crisis. Their highly successful product for maximum charging flexibility, the JUICE BOOSTER 2, was joined in October 2022 by
a new smart portable wall box, the JUICE BOOSTER 3 air.

If there is one thing that 2022 has shown us, it’s that e-mobility is crisis resistant and continues to grow unabated. Electric cars are in demand like never before. At the start of 2022, one in ten cars on Europe’s roads was purely electric. And significant increases in registrations for the fourth quarter indicate a further upward trend. The number of new registrations in Germany in December 2022 was 40 percent higher than in the same month of the previous year – despite persistently high energy prices. At the same time, figures for all other drive types are falling. As the demand for electric cars continues unabated, so does the need for flexible charging options.

In addition to its portfolio of ideal solutions, Juice is pursuing its vision of accelerating the shift to e-mobility and, in the process, further lowering the hurdles to making the switch: “With our flexible wall boxes – which are
a combination of stationary wall box, mobile charger and Mode 3 charging cable all in one – our goal is to make products of the highest performance and quality accessible to everyone,” says Christoph Erni. “That’s why we’ve decided to pass on the cost benefits we achieved by reducing production costs directly to our customers.”

The JUICE BOOSTER 3 air is now available from CHF/EUR 1299, while the JUICE BOOSTER 2 is once again available from CHF/EUR 999 (MSRP including VAT).



  1. Price of the JUICE BOOSTER 3 air: available from CHF/EUR 1299 (MSRP including VAT), down from CHF/EUR 1499. Scope of delivery: JUICE BOOSTER 3 air, 2 adapters (CEE 16 red plus country-specific household plug), 2 RFID cards, soft case with Velcro strip for a secure hold in the vehicle’s boot.
  2. Price of the JUICE BOOSTER 2: available from CHF/EUR 999 (MSRP including VAT), down from CHF/EUR 1099. Scope of delivery: JUICE BOOSTER 2, 2 adapters (CEE 16 red plus country-specific household plug), soft case with Velcro strip for a secure hold in the vehicle’s boot.



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About Juice Technology

Juice Technology AG, based in Bachenbülach (near Zurich airport, Switzerland) is a manufacturer of charging solutions for e-vehicles, active worldwide. The company’s extensive product portfolio, with AC and DC charging stations from light mobile devices through to large quick chargers, makes it one of a very small number of full-range providers in the industry. Juice has dominated the market for mobile 22 kW charging stations since 2014.
The crucial difference from other solutions available on the market is its consistent software orientation. All devices labelled with “j+” are based on the same processor and the same firmware, making them compatible with each other. Juice saves significant time, labour and costs by using a single, consistent software architecture. Solutions such as omni-dynamic load management, credit card payment and the open-interface back-end are therefore available for the full range of products.
The Juice Group has global reach, with its own locations, subsidiaries and partner companies. Juice Power AG, Juice Services AG, Juice Telemetrics AG, Juice Europe GmbH in Germany with a subsidiary in Munich, Juice UK and Ireland Ltd in London, Juice Nordics AB in Uppsala, Juice Iberia S.L. in Malaga, Juice France SAS in Paris, Zhejiang Juice Technology Co., Ltd in Hangzhou, China and Juice Americas Inc. in St. Petersburg, FL, USA are part of the group of companies. It also has a global network of resellers. In total, over 200 people currently work for the company in the areas of research and development, production, marketing, administration, purchasing and sales, and logistics.
Further information about the company, its products and solutions are available at You are also welcome to follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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