Family-run hotel gains a complete charging infrastructure

Juice Technology AG – manufacturer of charging stations and software, leader in mobile charging stations for electric vehicles – has struck a chord across Switzerland with its competition for a free charging infrastructure. As the winner of the main prize, Hotel Bärgsunnu in Saas Grund will now have its complete car park equipped with JUICE CHARGER me 3 units. In addition, the municipality of Schmidrued won a special prize in the “project of the heart” category.

The Switzerland-wide competition for more electrification has found its winners. Launched at the end of September, the initiative aimed to promote the establishment of future-proof charging infrastructures for electric cars in settlement and industrial areas. From the countless entries, a winning project was selected in the Valais canton of Switzerland along with a “winner of hearts and minds” in the country’s Aargau region.

Philipp Erni, Chief Marketing Officer at Juice, is overwhelmed by the response to the competition: “It was no surprise that the Juice competition met with such great interest. However, we never expected to receive so many fantastic entries. This makes us all the more delighted to have selected not one but two outstanding projects.”

Two worthy winners

An interdisciplinary jury from Juice carefully assessed each entry with regard to its quality, innovation and contribution to local development before selecting the project that excelled in at least one aspect. As the winning project, Hotel Bärgsunnu in Saas Grund will now have all its parking spaces equipped with the JUICE CHARGER me 3.

The small municipality of Schmidrued in the canton of Aargau was awarded the special prize in the “project of the heart” category. With great passion and conviction, the community’s entry demonstrated its strong interest in future-oriented mobility despite being able to call upon limited financial resources. In recognition of Schmidrued’s commitment to a modern and attractive e-mobility infrastructure, the jury decided to donate the required charging stations to the municipality.

A spectacular prize for the winner

The reward for the winning entry is a fully equipped charging infrastructure comprising smart JUICE-CHARGER-me-3 charging stations with a load management system and all installation included. The devices are supplied fully preconfigured for quick and simple “Plug & Play” installation. Activation via RFID or “Plug & Charge” according to ISO 15118 ensures utmost flexibility. The charging stations are equipped with an MID-certified current meter and dynamic load management, with no additional costs incurred for the backend or load management over the next ten years. The fully featured wall chargers serve as a scalable, robust and future-proof solution that is priced below the market average. They can also be decorated with individual logos or corporate designs at a very reasonable cost.

Juice congratulates both winners and is delighted to be able to make a further contribution to Switzerland’s electrification.


  • Smart 11-kW wall charger, upgradable to 22 kW at no extra cost
  • Supplied fully pre-configured for “Plug & Play” installation
  • Activation via RFID or “Plug & Charge” (according to ISO 15118)
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Connectivity via Wi-Fi and Ethernet
  • Dynamic load management for up to 250 units, MID-certified current meter
  • Optional residual current circuit breaker (RCBO)
  • OCPP 1.5 and 1.6 support for connection to JUICE EXO or other backends
  • Compatible with commercial charging networks (incl. swisscharge, eCarUp and Virta)
  • CE-compliant, IP67 protection against water and dirt, IK10 impact protection, temperature-resistant (operating range of -30°C to 50°C)
  • Printable and replaceable front panel for individual designs


Further information is available at


Further information is available at

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The Juice Group has a global presence with separate sites, subsidiaries and partner companies in Europe (DACH region, Great Britain, Scandinavia, Iberian Peninsula, France, Italy and large parts of the EU), Asia (with office in China) and North America (with office in Florida for the USA, Canada and Mexico). The company also has a global network of resellers. The Swiss headquarters are home to the company’s research and development, marketing, administration, purchasing and sales, and logistics. This central positioning allows Juice to drive the development of innovative technologies and respond to the needs of the global market with maximum flexibility.
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