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Our mission: electric vehicles should be as easy to charge as a mobile phone.
The founding of Juice Technology goes back to one of founder and CEO Christoph Erni’s personal experiences. In 2010, the then petrol head allowed himself to be tempted into ordering one of the first Tesla models available on the European market, more out of contrariness than conviction. After a long wait came the next surprise: the vehicle didn’t come with a suitable charging cable. There were only a few public charging stations available in 2013 and other charging options were still in their infancy. In search of a viable solution, Erni started developing his own. The result was the precursor to the JUICE BOOSTER 2, which today is popular around the world. The portable wall box was a resounding success and made the newly founded company, Juice, the market leader in mobile charging stations even in its first year. Today, Juice celebrates success after success driven by the idea that “electricity is available all over the place – you just need a solution to make it accessible!”

Meet Team Juice

Behind a successful company there is always a strong team. You can find a few impressions of day-to-day life at Juice here.

Board of Directors and founder.

In addition to the founder and CEO of Juice Technology, Christoph Erni, the former head of “Virtual Vehicle” at Porsche Engineering, Christoph Gümbel, Prof. Thomas Köhler, keynote speaker, author and expert in cyber security and new technologies, Lars Thomsen, futurologist and EV expert, and Dr. Richard Viereckl, automobile manufacturing expert, are on the Board of Directors.

Welcome to the Juice headquarters.

The Juice Group headquarters is close to Zurich airport. The innovation centre and control centre for the global activities of the market leader in mobile wall boxes are here.

6,000 m2 of Juice experience. An innovation location for the future.

In the middle of 2021, the company moved to its new headquarters. The employees carry Juice forward with speed, precision and a good dose of fun across roughly 6,000 m2. The company building, with its huge glass facade, offers airy, light workplaces, modern meeting rooms and informal contact areas. On the ground floor, employees and visitors are greeted by a 15 metre bar with the company’s own barista. Speciality coffee prepared with love and a varied lunch menu leave nothing to be desired.

Green economy, green office.

Electromobility is closely linked with the concept of sustainability. It is not enough to preach the principle of a resource-saving and climate-friendly economy, it must also be lived. An existing building was repurposed instead of a new build. A modern ventilation system which exchanges the air in the entire building every hour ensures a pleasant indoor climate. Energy-efficient LED panels offer a bright working environment. All employees are also instructed in the economical use of materials. Leftovers are provided for people to take free of charge. Waste is sorted by type.

At home around the world: Juice drives the charging industry forward around the world

The Juice Group has international reach with its own sites, subsidiaries and affiliates. The company also has a global network of resellers and installation partners.
  • JUICE Nordics

    Juice products are distributed in Scandinavia by Juice Nordics AB, which is based in Uppsala, Sweden.

    JUICE Europe

    The sale of Juice products within the European Union is done though Juice Europe GmbH with its offices in Munich, Germany.

    JUICE Headquarters

    The Juice Technology headquarters is located in Bachenbülach, Zurich, Switzerland. The Europe-wide sale of Juice products in countries outside the EU is done from here.

    JUICE UK & Ireland

    The sale of Juice products in the United Kingdom and in Ireland is done through Juice UK and Ireland Ltd with its offices in London, England.

    JUICE France

    The sale of Juice products throughout France is done through Juice France SAS with its headquarters in Paris.

    JUICE Iberia

    The sale of Juice Products in Spain and Portugal is done through Juice Iberia S.L. with its headquarters in Malaga, Spain.
  • JUICE Americas

    The sale of Juice products in the United States, Canada and Mexico is done through Juice Americas Inc. with its offices in St. Petersburg, FL, USA.
  • JUICE Asia

    The sale of Juice products in the Asiatic region is done through Zhejiang Juice Technology Co., Ltd in Hangzhou, China.

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