Ad-hoc solutions for major events, fairs, corporate events and test drive campaigns

Whether it’s an industry event, an open-air festival, a fair or a PR campaign with test drives: many events, both large and small, public and private, take place at locations which lack suitable charging infrastructure for e-vehicles. And yet no one can deny that the demand for electric vehicle charging at events is growing. One way to ensure that e-car drivers never run out of power is to use the innovative concept of pop-up charging infrastructure. But the challenges for this type of temporary infrastructure differ from those for permanent charging solutions. Just what these challenges are – and which charging stations are able to overcome them – will be explored in the following article.

  1. Fixed wall boxes for virtually limitless scalability
  2. Mobile wall boxes for maximum flexibility
  3. What are the key features of the ideal mobile charging park?
  4. What to do once the pop-up charging infrastructure has been set up successfully?
  5. Advantages of pop-up charging infrastructure

As a rule, almost every venue has some sort of power hookup. After all, lighting, sound, catering and other services all need to be supplied with energy. Therefore, it’s only logical to use the power hookup to operate charging stations. A temporary charging park can be erected in no time and quickly dismantled again – providing enormous benefit to the attendees with limited effort from the organiser. The investment is both manageable and long-term, especially since the charging stations can be reused as often as desired. There are basically two types of charging stations that can be considered for such a solution.

1. Fixed wall boxes for virtually limitless scalability

Fixed charging stations, such as the JUICE CHARGER me 3, are powerful enough for even large charging parks, thanks to their dynamic load management for up to 250 units. Moreover, each individual charging station must be sufficiently protected against moisture and dirt, if they are being installed at outdoor greenfield sites where they are exposed to adverse environmental influences. With an IP protection rating of 67, the Juice units can withstand even the special stresses of outdoor use. Rain, dust or mud are no problem.

They can be installed either individually or in pairs on a pillar, and can then each be connected to the power distributor. Onboarding is also easy thanks to the dedicated onboarding app. All in all, the charging stations’ unique design allows them to be quickly installed and set up by any electrician, even one without special training.

 2. Mobile wall boxes for maximum flexibility

Mobile wall boxes are the simplest and fastest option. The charging stations of the JUICE-BOOSTER series don’t require a solid mounting surface and are ready for use without any installation effort. Flexibility is the focus here, as the charging station can also be placed further away from the power hookup by using one or more proprietary extension cables. Load management can also be set up using a simple hotspot, enabling the available charging current to be shared between up to ten vehicles at the same time. The connection cable and the distribution box can be installed by any qualified electrician.

3. What are the key features of the ideal mobile charging park?

  • Long-term profitability: The acquisition of a temporary charging park is an investment that should pay off in the future. Mobile or fixed wall boxes are at their most profitable when they can be reliably used for as long as possible. Juice units feature a solid construction and high-quality components to ensure durability. This includes a sturdy housing, as well as electronic components that are compatible with future innovations and increasing requirements. In addition to the hardware, the software must not be underestimated. The right software must ensure reliable functioning and offer continual updates, which prolong the service life and guarantee a good level of cyber security. That’s why Juice lives by the mottoes “Software first” and “Security by design”.
  • Versatility: Pop-up solutions give event organisers an ace up their sleeve that helps them stand out from the competition. Depending on the application, the mobile or the free-standing version can be the right solution for a wide variety of events – including prestigious corporate events, where they can demonstrate the company’s commitment to the environment, at public trade fairs, where they can offer visitors the opportunity to charge their electric vehicles, or at sporting events, where they can serve athletes and visitors alike. Even film shoots or TV productions that take place far away from the typical studio infrastructure can benefit from temporary charging solutions. The range of possible applications for universal charging stations is vast, extending even to private events such as weddings, where guests at idyllic but remote locations can be sure that they will be able to get home safely.

4. What to do once the pop-up charging infrastructure has been set up successfully?

But what happens after the big event? There are two risk-free options for event organisers. One is to store the wall boxes after the event and keep them for future events. Only three or four rentals are required to get a quick return on investment. Another option is to sell the wall boxes to customers after the events with a certain margin. Both options help to increase visibility, cast the event in a positive light and promote the spread of electromobility among the wider population.

Taken together, pop-up charging solutions are not a costly extra but rather a coherent addition to the offering of any self-respecting event company. With the JUICE BOOSTER 2, the JUICE BOOSTER 3 air or the JUICE CHARGER me 3, you can set up a temporary, scalable and weatherproof charging park in no time flat. This makes the events more attractive to attendees and strengthens the organiser’s image as a modern, environmentally conscious service provider.

Juice’s event charging solution has been tried and tested many times by various event specialists and is suitable for events of all kinds: at the exhibition centre, in the greenfield car park, at the race track, etc.

“As an event agency, we are able to set up safe and effective charging infrastructure for our customers quickly and easily thanks to Juice’s pop-up charging solution. It doesn’t matter the location, the type of supply line or the vehicles to be charged.”
Senior Director of Promotion and Sales at Do It!

Advantages of pop-up charging infrastructure

  1. Accessibility: Pop-up charging solutions show that flexible access to e-vehicle charging is possible virtually anywhere. They are able to adapt to the individual needs of the event.
  2. Efficiency: Because it uses the existing power supply, the pop-up charging solution takes advantage of the electrical infrastructure that has to be provided for the event anyway. This makes it quick and efficient to set up.
  3. Sustainability: The wall boxes are not a one-off product, but can be used again and again or be sold to the customer. They are also scalable to allow for future expansion.
  4. Convenience: After the event, attendees no longer have to worry about finding a place on the road to charge their e-vehicles for the trip home.
  5. Reputation: Event organisers that offer reliable and convenient charging solutions stand out from the competition, attract environmentally conscious attendees and demonstrate their commitment to sustainable practices.
  6. Flexibility: Both stationary wall boxes and mobile charging stations can be tailored to the specific needs of the event and provide the required number of charging points.