In order to become completely electric and emission-free by 2030, car sharer Mobility is relying on strong partners and has brought Juice on board. Juice is building charging stations at multiple Mobility sites in partnership with SBB. The first ten charging stations have been in operation on Europaallee near Zurich central station since the end of November 2020. Aarau followed shortly after in December. The Geneva Eaux-Vives and Morges sites were developed in 2021, and more will be added successively until 2023.  


The biggest Swiss car sharing company Mobility is switching its entire vehicle fleet to BEV by 2030. Since the company rents its car parks rather than owning them, it is dependent on the site owners

supporting this transformation and providing the mains connection while Mobility installs its own charging solutions. In order to reliable be able to supply various electric vehicle models with electricity at its sites throughout Switzerland, Mobility also needs simple, consistent charging infrastructure. Juice Technology is contributing to the establishment of at least 300 charging points by 2023 with its chargers.
The smart AC charging stations have impressed Mobility because they guarantee customers maximum convenience when using them. They are easy and intuitive to use, can be activated via the integrated RFID reader and have dynamic load management which can be used to centrally control and manage the charging processes. The charging stations and Juice’s competent service have been making waves and have also resulted in a collaboration with SBB.

SBB and Mobility drive decarbonisation

SBB is more than a railway company. As one of the biggest real estate companies and service providers in Switzerland, it strives to develop stations into attractive mobility hubs. Together with the car sharing provider, it already ensures a better connection between individual passenger transport and the railway today. Both companies have set ambitious sustainability targets. SBB wants to be climate-neutral by 2030. So it suits them very well that Mobility wants to electrify all of its 3,120 vehicles within the same period.

“Mobility came to us with the desire to increase the use of electric vehicles and with the question of whether we, as Mobility’s biggest and most important local partner, would equip our car parks with electric charging stations. We were immediately won over by the idea and offered the collaboration,” says Julia Plümper, Project Manager for Electric Charging Infrastructure at SBB. By 2023, SBB will therefore be providing a total of 150 charging points for vehicles with electric drive at some of the sites used by Mobility.

SBB clears the way for electric car sharing

In addition to suitable sites, Mobility is also reliant on simple, standardised charging processes for electrification of its fleet. The biggest hurdle for electric car sharing is therefore establishing charging infrastructure which can be used to reliably supply the various electric car models with electricity. The top priority was therefore to find a charging station manufacturer which already had appropriate experience with large projects and would also be able to flexibly adjust to SBB and Mobility’s individual needs and requirements. SBB found a competent partner in Juice Technology AG.

“With Juice, we have chosen a Swiss charging station manufacturer that does everything in-house and is therefore able to respond rapidly to our needs. Juice Technology supplies everything in one place – even the branding of the charging station or the RFID cards in addition to software, hardware and the backend,” Julia Plümper continues.

Impressed by the consistently good references and independent recommendations, SBB opted for development of multiple sites right from the outset and even decided to forego a classic proof of concept.